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Interview with Freddy Crabs: Sticky Fingers' New Album Gets Lyrically Darker

If you had to describe the band’s sound to someone who never listened to your music, what would you say?

Freddy Crabs: A mixed bag of psychedelic flavours. None of them shitty liquorice or musk ones either. All good stuff.

What can fans in Los Angeles expect from your live show on 9/30? I’ve heard things can be quite unpredictable. It’ll be my first time seeing you guys live!

Yeah look it's always different. We never like to ... we never like to be too prepared for a show cos then I reckon it becomes too standardized and boring. We like to mix up the shows to keep it interesting and keep ourselves motivated. That can be hard if you play the same shit in the same way all the time. Last time in LA at the Troubadour was all time! We had a crazy fan base that we didn't know existed and we played one of best shows. This time we'll be hittin more new choons, but expect a show with even more intensity.

Do you guys have any kind of ritual you perform together (or individually) before going on stage to get yourselves prepared?

It varies but we usually like to do a classic huddle before hand just to get that extra bit amped up. It's all about the sports really. Speaking of, the Australian Football Grand final gets underway as soon we hit stage in LA. Prob worth cancelling the show I reckon ;)

Tell me a little bit about your third album, Westway (The Glitter & The Slums), that’s set to be released at the end of the month.

It's a lot darker lyrically I'd say. It tells of a time last year when we were close to calling it quits for awhile. We were over touring and hitting the piss real hard too so it really hot to our heads. You can hear that in the lyrics. Songs like sad songs deal with us waiting on each other to get into the studio so we can finish the album. It's funny how that theme of frustration and disappointment can produce a cracking song but I guess that's how it works ay?

The musicianship is also a lot stronger and the instrumental layers really speak for themselves on Westway. It's less produced than Land of Pleasure and probably a little more organic too. Can't wait for cats to hear it. It'll be out the day of the LA show so I hope cats get around it quick!

Most relevant childhood memory related to what you’re currently doing with your life?

I remember early on in school my old man forced me to play piano and I was ready to quit cos I thought it was fucking boring; however, I came across a group of Maori and Pacific Islander kids in my class jamming reggae tunes and thought "shit this looks fun." Seeing them play together made me wanna stick around in music so looking back now I think I made the right choice.

Is there a story behind the hit single “Outcast at Last”?

Yeah it's a song written by Paddy which is kinda a lil song written in jest about wanting to be an outcast and on ya own away from people that always demand your attention. He described it to me one time as being in a situation where you're sitting at a bar and some girl takes ya eye but instead of havin a dig, ya just wanna be on ya own and get real wasted. Haha not a bad position to be in but hey!

I guess with lyrics though you can always draw it back to an experience that means something to you, there's never one meaning. I think those are always the dopesters lyrics.

First professional booking Sticky Fingers landed?

The first show we played was at a joint called the Bat and Ball in inner city Sydney. We had a few different members back then and our band name was called Greenleaf. The boys were too embarrassed at the time to be booked under the name Greenleaf so while they were waiting in Paddy's mum's house before the show they came across the Stone's album Sticky Fingers. The rest was history.

Wildest moment you’ve experienced on tour?

We've def done some funny shit in our time on the road but I'd say waiting on Diz to get his U.S. Visa on our first tour last year was pretty hairy. We had to cancel our first show of the tour in NY not knowing if Diz would make the rest of the tour. He managed to score his Visa in time to arrive for the second show in Philly. It was a crackin show and the whole tour was a real surprise for us. We had no idea of the fan base. So we're pretty stoked to be comin back on a regular basis.

It’s happy hour, what are you guys drinking? Where are you at?

Man just PBRs I reckon and maybe a shot with it. Fuck all those fancy ales and boutique beers. They can get knotted.

What’s life like when you’re off the road?

Man we haven't really had much time to do any relaxing. Since our most recent tour in Europe and the UK we've had a couple of weeks to sign CDs, do interviews, rehearse and get ready for this tour. A lil break after this tour will prob be worthy but then touring can be the most therapeutic time for us so who knows what's gonna happen.

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