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Mihoko Ogaki Explores Life After Death with Light

What is death? Is there such thing as rebirth? Do we become magnificent stardust and float up into space?

Looking to the continual birth and death that goes on within nature, throughout the universe and our bodies, artist Mihoko Ogaki explores the relationship between what is eternal and does not die, and what we perceive as “death.”

In her ongoing series of figurative sculptures titled Milky Ways, Ogaki brings the continuum of life, death, and rebirth into our awareness. It is a fascinatingly beautiful thing to contemplate.

The dead or dying human forms are constructed from fiber reinforced plastic and embedded with bright LEDs. When lit, the bodies project fields of glowing light resembling the vast cosmos onto their surroundings.

In a way, the series enables us to believe that death is not the opposite of life. Instead, we begin to stare deeply at the wondrous night sky and imagine it is the opposite of birth, an eternal dance that makes all of creation possible.

To see more of her work, visit her website.


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