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Interview with The Fame Riot: Appealing to Fun Individuals Since 2012

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

People have said that The Fame Riot is not a band but that it’s a religion. What’s your take?

Liz Scarlett: I think that's a bunch of whack. We're certainly a band, and certainly much more than, and less constricting than any religion. But it's more about the movement.

Shazam Watkins: It is not only an idea, or a set of specific ideas, but an overpowering sense of freedom from close-minded radicalism. A spiritual journey. A sign of growth. A stretching of leafy limbs to reach out beyond our constraints and other people’s ideas of who you should be. Perhaps a new religion.

You guys are known for getting crowds to dance. How do you achieve this (sometimes) near-impossible feat?

Liz Scarlett: Think, say, do. Three simple efforts. You must think it (build the idea), you must speak it (verbalize your thoughts and ideas), and finally you must do it (literally, create some flipping dance music). Other than that, I'd say that it's because we actually try.. but then I also remember what Yoda said... 'do or do not, there is no try..'

Shazam Watkins: We let our spirits manifest this physical communication. Most human beings desire the will to cast off these harmful pressures. Most are simply never presented with an inspiring opportunity. We do not care, our FREEKZ do not care, why should these internal dancers care?

Your view on the Seattle music scene:

Liz Scarlett: What music scene? If anyone can FIND a scene, please let me know- I'd love to be informed. It's basic. In need of some serious inspiration, healing, and rescue. I think the 90's children shot up all the good music in Seattle. Kid's here need to find their own way. Create their own ideas. Seattle is trying, right now.. but then again, there's that Yoda quote.

Shazam Watkins: I don’t have much of a view. I enjoy the black alleyways, gruesome stairs, and eternal retching of the bottom feeder populous. I’ll have to get a balcony one of these days. What was your first ever experience with music?

Liz Scarlett: As a child, in a spiritual environment, worshiping a higher entity.

Shazam Watkins: Worship.

Most memorable childhood memory related to what you’re currently doing in life:

Liz Scarlett: Setting off explosives under the grumpy, old wrinkly asses.

Shazam Watkins: I’ve just seen a majestic bald eagle gliding upon the wind currents in this beautiful Pacific Northwest sky! We are blessed to live in this gorgeous land. I’ve had many incredible Independence Day celebrations throughout my childhood. I cannot wait to fly. Life is a vapor until you soar.

Describe your stage persona: Liz Scarlett: It's a more dangerous interpretation of my off-stage persona.. I think.. sometimes my persona isn't sure how to identify.

Shazam Watkins: We are free of “proper-ganda” and choose to express ourselves through whatever enters our consciousness at that particular moment.

Wildest touring experience? Liz Scarlett: Watched someone smash a pint glass over somebody's face.. it got wild after that.

Shazam Watkins: Winning a local drag show in Wyoming. Future plans? Past regrets?

Liz Scarlett: Regrets? My only regret is that I'm capable of having regret. Future plans? Take over the fucking nuthouse.

Shazam Watkins: Man’s plans are a fools plans. Regrets are only rocket boosters. Strap them to your feet and forget about the past. But you can always look down and see how high you’ve risen.

For those who have never heard of you or listened to your music, what would you say to encourage them to check you out?

Liz Scarlett: Our music goes deeper than just listening. It has the power to set you free.

Shazam Watkins: We appeal to the fun individuals.

How are the band’s goals for 2016 working out so far?

Liz Scarlett: Better than our plans could have ever done! But that's sort of not true, cause we're always planning. It's more a dream simulation.

Shazam Watkins: Festivals, radio broadcasts, met heroes, recorded incredible songs, seen beautiful people, interacted with professionals from all fields in entertainment, written many things down, loved, soldiered on, and the future is a bright battle fraught with turmoil and brilliance. We are finally approaching the masses. This Global Community will only increase its reach. Let the dance commence.


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