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At Four Seasons Resort Lanai, You Don’t Need a “Do Not Disturb” Sign to Get Some Privacy

Located approximately nine miles from Maui, the island of Lanai is a countryside dream for travelers in search of a quiet, unforgettable retreat. This isn’t your typical vacation. This isn’t Waikiki. On Lanai, there is one city, only three main roads, no traffic lights and one gas station. It’s the kind of place where you don’t need a “do not disturb” sign to indulge in some blissful seclusion.

Lanai is a beautiful, small Hawaiian community with amazing white sand beaches and endless outdoor opportunities to explore the 141 square miles of Hawaii’s “Most Enticing Island.”

If you desire to vacation in a traveler’s paradise, the island is well within reach. To get there, just hop on a short 40-minute ferry ride from Maui or a direct non-stop flight on Island Air for as low as $59.

When visiting, you could either be an adventurer and camp at Hulopo‘e Beach Park, the only official campground on the island, or you can opt to make reservations at Four Seasons Resort Lanai, one of only two world-class resorts you’ll find.

Four Seasons Resort Lanai recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation, which will offer guests the grandest of experiences during their stay. The 90,000-acre property received a lobby-to-roof makeover, including 217 redesigned guestrooms and 51 immaculate suites, as well as revamped lobbies and meditative lounging areas to reflect on your daily escapades.

Inspired by Hawaii's diverse and storied influences, the interiors are comprised of an extraordinary material and details palette, such as walls of teak and zebra wood edging, artisan-produced Nepalese lokta paper, and floors of mahogany laid with wool hand-woven area rugs.

If you’re the type who appreciates unparalleled dining options, the resort has that covered, too. The award-winning NOBU Lanai and ONE FORTY are a couple reasons this oasis continues to stay in the limelight of the hospitality industry.

Luxury boutique retailers? Check. A newly outfitted Pro Shop and renovated spa? Check. Wearable room key wristbands? Check. World-class, unforgettable accommodations? Yeah, this place has it all. Lush Hawaiian gardens throughout the property will make you feel like you stepped back in time.

So, if you love remote, pristine destinations and connecting with beautiful people who are passionate about their island, this is a property you need to put on that bucket list. Despite there being so many activities to take part in on Lanai, this resort is so peaceful that you might just end up kicking back and relaxing the entire time.

To truly experience what Four Seasons Resort Lanai has to offer, you’ll have to stopover and see for yourself.

The Resort is now confirming reservations from February 1, 2016. To make reservations or check out the resort’s specials, you can go here.

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