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The Government Will Pay You to Live in This Cabin in the Woods But There’s One Catch

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Allegedly, the most haunted building is Kelly’s Saloon.

Garnet, Montana, is a secluded town located in a remote valley up in the forested mountains. It is one of the American west’s most impressive, well-preserved mining ghost towns. From 1862 to 1916, hundreds of thousands of dollars in gold was excavated from the surrounding mines.

Before being deserted in 1950, Garnet was thriving with a population of about 1,000. There were barbershops, a butcher, hotels, more than a dozen saloons, and a doctor’s office.

For folks who love the outdoors and are interested in maybe experiencing some supernatural phenomena, the government will pay you to be an on-site volunteer. During your stay, you will be given a furnished cabin, a propane stove, refrigerator, and a food stipend. Basically, you get to live an awesome life without forking out a penny!

Volunteer positions last about a month or so and involve leading tours, providing visitors with information about the town and selling merchandise and souvenirs. According to Fox News, duties are only carried out until 4:30 p.m., after that they have the entire town to themselves.

Allegedly, the most haunted building is Kelly’s Saloon. Visitors claim to have heard sounds of laughter and music coming from inside, even during winter when there’s no one in town. There have been other sightings and ghostly experiences, but instead of hearing about them, why don’t you visit and explore this intriguing town yourself?

Garnet Preservation Association 3255 Fort Missoula Road Missoula, Montana 59804 406-329-3883

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